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Grew up in California, studied at Berkeley and Fontainebleau, lived in Paris and London. Settled in Stockholm with family.

A Selection of Jim McCullough’s Chin State Photos

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Yangon, aka Rangoon, city of seven million souls, was the colonial capital of Burma. While the military government carved a new capital, Naypyidaw, out of the cane fields, Yangon remains the commercial center of Myanmar.

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Bagan and the Pagodas

After the Chin State tour Jim and Hla Aung took the night bus back to Yangon in time for Jim’s flight home. Meanwhile, Todd, Susan and I spent a few days relaxing in Bagan. In the Irrawaddy valley of Myanmar, … Continue reading

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Journey through the Chin Hills and Back in Time

This is a tale of a journey both physical and metaphorical, in the footsteps of my great-grandparents, through the Chin State in western Myanmar. What began as a plan to follow the pages of Laura Hardin Carson’s memoirs to find … Continue reading

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Winter comes to Björnhuvud

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