Barn Project #3

Time for a bit of catching up with photos from the barn timbering project. This week, the final timbers will be put into place, then comes the rafters…

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Grew up in California, studied at Berkeley and Fontainebleau, hung out in Paris and London. Living in Stockholm with family.
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2 Responses to Barn Project #3

  1. Erika Webering says:

    Ohh. Wow! There you go!
    May we book a barnstay this weekend, it looks like it’s air conditioned and everything.
    Kristian will just bring a sleeping bag and use the concrete. I would prefer a proper bed if it’s not to much trouble… See you soon ūüôā

    • Steve says:

      Always welcome! The air-con is the efficient “XD” variant. No beds yet, but enough bindbj√§lklag so everyone can have their own to sleep on…six thumbs wide and five meters long, just don’t turn over too fast…

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